Scars and Queloids

There is no way to avoid it, but preventive measures can be taken

There is no measure to avoid a scar. All cutting generates a scar, which can become noticeable over the years or very sharp and visible, forming a keloid.

The keloid is a scar that super body some people develops and the other not. Is the genetics of each, and avoid it is something that the doctor has no guarantee. Generally, dark-skinned people are more prone to keloid formation.

There are procedures that can minimize the problem. So, in all the surgeries, the scar is treated as follows: in the first 20 to 30 days, type Micropore tape is used; After this period, the use of gel and/or silicone plate for six months.

If the patient has a tendency to keloid, have indicated is the radiation-based treatment, which must be planned by the doctor and started immediately after the surgery.