Other procedures

Fill refines minimally invasive surgeries and is

Pretty maid these days to refine the surgeries with the scalpel, the technique consists of applying grease or medicine to minimize wrinkles and depressions, without the need for a court, or to complement the outcome of this.

There are regions where the procedure is fairly indicated, as on the face, buttocks and thighs, by enabling an improvement in aesthetics and sensitive body contouring. Fill technique allows also to solve problems caused by trauma or disease.

The filling can be done with medication absorbed or not by the body. The most recommended, however, is to use the patient's own fat, associated with the plasma, which is Rico in platelets and growth factors. Anyone who has fat available can benefit of the fill.

The technique uses two microcânulas-one to remove and another to apply grease. In the case of the vis, the anesthesia is local, whereas in the buttocks and thighs can be local or epidural.

Interestingly, contrary to what most people think, botox isn't a filling, but muscle retention, that takes the force of muscle contraction, and therefore reduces the wrinkles of expression.

Surgical combinations

The filling can be associated with other types of surgery. One of the possible combinations is the surgery of the face, with fat grafting in the lips, and cheekbone. Surgery of abdomen can be combined with filling in the gluteal region (liposculpture, consisting in the removal of fat from one place and application in another).

Recovery and results

Recovery after surgery is fast, but the patient should avoid exercises in the early days. If the padding has been in the glutes, you have to wear Spanx. The preliminary result (volume of the filled region) appears soon after applying, but the swelling in the function procedure only between 30 and 60 days regresses, and on the face, this tends to happen in a shorter period of time, between 15 and 20 days.

The technique can be repeated several times, depending on the wishes of the patient. However, you must expect from 3 to 6 months to make a new application in the places already submitted to the procedure.