Silicone prosthesis

Technology gives naturalness and security to breasts


The mammoplasty is indicated to increase the volume of the breasts, whose technique uses mammary prostheses, made of silicone, cohesive gel shaped, high density, that didn't leak and offer no risk of rejection. In addition to safer, current prostheses provide an aesthetic best, because they let the breasts with a natural consistency and jovial. The breast that receives a silicone prosthesis does not lose sensitivity and, in General, the function of breastfeeding is also preserved. Although rare, capsular Contracture, which consists of the hardening of the silicone and, consequently, of the breast, can happen. In this case, the breasts are sore and even asymmetrical. The problem, however, reaches only 2%, approximately, of patients who undergo the procedure. The surgery is performed through a small cut in the armpit or in the breast (nipple or breast furrow). It is necessary the use of banner at the top of the breast. The anesthesia is local or epidural, associated with sedation.


Because it is a bit traumatic surgery, postoperative period is short and simple. The patient has high in maximum 24 hours. After the third day of the surgery, begin post-op massages, which are made by the patient, three times a day, for five minutes on each side, for six months. With a week is allowed to drive cars and start the exercises for the abdomen and lower extremities. After 21 days, the patient is released to any activity. The breasts tend to be swollen in the first 20 days, being normal for a swelling more than the other. Surgical adhesive tape must remain in the places of points for about three weeks, as a preventive measure for proper healing. It is essential the use of special bra for 21 days.