Surgery gives beauty and symmetry to breasts


The reduction mammoplasty is the decrease in the volume of the breast, with the removal of excess skin and accumulated in gland mammary region. Surgery is also indicated for women who want to lift the breasts and correct asymmetry between them.

After surgery

The patient may have mild pain, swelling and purple spots on breasts, signs which disappear between 3 and 4 weeks after surgery. They can be treated with the application of gel (Hirudoid, Reparil, Trombofobe, arnica or similar) in the affected areas, applied with light movements, from the second day of the surgery. In all breast surgery is collected for examination of biopsy material. Surgery is the opportunity for a thorough Breast Clinic observation. Preventive measure against diseases, including cancer, and was incorporated into the routine of plastic surgery.


Patients undergoing mammoplasty must keep calm and delicate gestures, especially with arms; avoid sudden movements and not force the musculature of the trunk, so that the breasts can recover well and quickly. When the movements are watched, the risk of a bump on the surgery region can be avoided. It is allowed to raise your elbow up to shoulder height and move the forearm, without the need to maintain the curved stem. Preserving the essential care, the patient may lower, washing your hair and bathing alone. In the first 40 days, it is essential the use of special bra to protect your breasts. To avoid injury in the surgical site, it is advisable not to wear a bra with metal ring. Sleep, just belly up within the first 30 days; then, aside. Only after 90 days the patient will be fully released, even to sleep face down. The arms can be supported on pillows, placed on the sides of the bed. As well as other surgeries, the first dressing is done between 2 and 4, and the stitches are removed with a week to 10 days. For about 30 days, the breasts are protected with surgical tape, renewed every dressing.

Physical activities

The activities are resumed gradually. Light hiking are allowed with 15 days, but the pace can only be intensified after 30 days. Swimming, weight training and other exercises considered heavy, in this case, are released after three months. Drive automobile, only after 15 days, noting that the seat belt cannot push the breasts.