Breast reconstruction

Plastic surgery give breasts removed in function of tumor

-Breast reconstruction

There is no denying the impact of a mastectomy-surgery for excision of breast tumor function. However, many women live with this problem and no longer consider as relevant in their lives, given the possibility of breast reconstruction that, in General, give the bodies mutilated by mastectomy.

Surgical technique

Currently, Mammary prostheses are the most used feature in cases of reconstruction and are deployed with the use of skin and muscles of the chest, back and abdomen. These techniques may be employed alone or in combination, depending on the type of patient. If the fabric for the construction of new breast is removed from the chest or the back, the recovery is similar to that of breast plastic. In some cases, it is necessary the use of the Expander. When the material is removed from the abdomen, postoperative recovery is similar to that of abdominal plastic. The external cutting is done on the pubis, toward the side of the hip, and the scar tends to become barely noticeable. It is necessary that the patient keep the curved body for approximately seven days. Three months after the first surgery, a new, second surgical time, when, then, are reconstructed the nipple and the areola of the breast. If the graft was used on that occasion she works as will be replaced by a definitive prosthesis. This procedure can be associated with other cosmetic surgery, liposculpture and contralateral mammoplasty, which is the other breast surgery, so that both stay aesthetically uniform.

Manipulation of tissues

The tissue to be transplanted should be judiciously conveniently, because any injury to the vascular bundle can lead to necrosis of the same. If the tumor lesion has not compromised the breast skin, simply use a skin Expander or a definitive prosthesis. In the partial mastectomias, where is removed only one quadrant of the breast, reconstruction is made with the remaining tissue. In these cases, is called mammoplasty balance (the mirror), to let the two breasts aesthetically uniform and harmonics. This happens in a second step, as well as the reconstruction of the areola and the nipple. Were it not for the impact that the disease causes, the psychological damage of physical mutilation would be overcome more quickly because the breast reconstruction gives the woman a new aesthetic, many times better than before.