Specific surgery to shape your body

Procedure gives visual harmony to the face

Liposculpture models the body by harmonizing it visually. So, is among the more surgeries that raise self-esteem. To perform it, the doctor uses a special cannula to extract fat in localized areas. In some cases, the fat removal is used to fill in parts of the body that have depression and that need to be highlighted.

After surgery

After surgery, the body is bloated and with some bruises, symptoms tend to disappear after the first few weeks. To lessen these signs, patient can make use of allopathic medicines, like the Hirudoid Gel 500, and herbal medicines, such as arnica, marketed in various forms.

Eventually, fluid-operated areas may appear, called a seroma. When this happens, the doctor makes a spinal tap to remove excess liquid. However, this fact does not affect the result of the surgery.

The cuts made to the input of the cannula are barely perceptible, of approximately 5 mm. The stitches are removed with a week to 10 days.

Compression strap

In liposculpture is used a compression strap, which is placed on the patient when he's still in the operating room. It helps in containing the edema, on retraction of the skin and in the modeling of the new body. The strap must be used between 40 to 60 days, until, being removed only on bath time.

Lymphatic drainage

After the third day of the surgery, the patient needs to undergo lymph drainage sessions. In addition to relieve the pain, this type of massage combats the swelling (edema), helping the body to restore.

Physical activity

The exercises can be started between the fifth and the seventh day of the surgery. This means that the patient is ready to drive, back to the gym, walking, doing weight training, swimming, anyway, return to their normal activities.