Procedure corrects problems and beautifies the face

Rhinoplasty, known for plastic surgery of nose, aims to reshape the nose and should only be made after the 15 years of age. It consists in the removal of bone, cartilage and skin or, if necessary, in the cartilage graft or aloplástico material. When skin and cartilage are operated, is performed with local anesthesia and sedation. Need to operate the nose bone, anesthesia applied is the General and the patient receives high in 24 hours.


The patient should use ice on it for 2 days and, after that period, make soothing massages with the use of gel. Naturally, the lower eyelids stay swollen and purplish. When the surgery involves the bone segment, is put a plaster on his nose and a tampon inside of the nostrils. During 24 hours, the patient just breathe through your mouth, depending on the buffer. After his withdrawal, the patient should use medicines for nasal instillation (nasal spray, Afrin, Pestled dregs of whimsy or similar) for about 3 days. The plaster is removed between 5 and 7 days; so, is made a new bandage with surgical tape, which remains for another week. We do not allow any pressure on the nose, or the use of glasses, so there's no risk of wrong bone glue. The results of this surgery appear between 3 and 6 months.