Ear in abano

Procedure gives visual harmony to the face

Surgery involves reshaping the ears when they are open. This operation should only be done after the age of six, because before this stage, the body is still in formation. In addition, via irrigation the child demonstrates willingness to fix the problem once you get to attend school, because the fact draws attention and can be cause for mockery.


The procedure is done with local anesthesia, associated or not to the sedation. The patient has high right after, in approximately 3 hours. The cuts are barely noticeable and are behind the ear. For five days, the patient will have to wear a helmet to protect the crepe range region operated; then, an elastic bandage on the head during 24 hours, for about 15 days, removing it only to shower. The bandage is similar to a hair ornament, being sold in various colors. The patient can return to normal activities within a week, being careful not to practice any exercise that put pressure on the operated area, and can't sleep aside before completing 30 days of surgery.