Surgery bounded to the region of the abdomen and back

Often used in the treatment of deformities of the trunk and abdomen, also called circumferential deformities, this surgery is indicated for patients with sagging in the anterolateral region of the abdomen and posterior-lateral torso.

This is a procedure whose surgical technique covers so located all over the body contour, at the time of the abdomen, torso and hips. Because it is centralized regions, and parts are being machined, round about the example of the back and thighs.

The surgery is the association between circumferential Abdominoplasty and dorsoplastia, being, in many cases, associated to liposculpture, enabling very positive aesthetic results. The procedure eases the flabbiness and cellulite abdomen, thighs and back, as well as raise the gluteus.


Postoperative care are similar to abdominal surgery, in which the patient must keep the curved body during 10 days, approximately. While walking, the palms of the hands must touch the thighs. The column will return to normal gradually, between 15 and 20 days.

Compression strap is indispensable in this surgery, being placed on the patient when this is still within the surgical Center.

The stitches are removed between 7 and 10 days. As well as the tummy tuck, circumferential surgery also depends, in large part, of lymphatic drainage, which must be started between 2 and 3 days after the surgery.

Physical activities

Generally speaking, between 20:30 days after surgery, the patient will be able to drive, get back to work and start to walk, not run. Heavier activities, such as swimming and bodybuilding, are released after three months, the patient takes time to recover.