After plastic surgery of obesity

Patient must point out priorities for plastic surgery

 The gastric bypass, known as obesity surgery, has immediate reflection in decreasing body weight, with that, practically every body WINS sagging. On the face, for example, remove skin and also up muscles, being the facelift procedure.

With the facelift it is also possible to substantially improve the part dorsal, lumbar, buttocks, hips and thighs. The scars, positioned at the time of the mark of the Bikini or bathing suit, are practically imperceptible. On the inner thigh, the scar is at the height of the groin and continuous with the scar of the abdomen.

In the case of breasts, as well as raise them and eliminate sagging, it is sometimes necessary to use a silicone prosthesis. The excess skin in the abdomen, in turn, causes it to fall, forming a kind of apron, making even the own body hygiene. A tummy tuck, which is a plastic, solves the problem.

Depending on the situation, the surgery of abdomen can be associated with leg, arm, breast or back. If the surgery is very large, the back is made separately.

The types of surgeries are about the same for women as for men. Obviously, there are female and male characteristics that alter some details on position of the cuts.

Right moment to do this

Generally, plastic surgery is done two years after gastric bypass, but the doctor who performed the procedure which should indicate the period right and release the patient to perform plastic surgery.

It is necessary to make a schedule, starting with surgery in the region that most bothers the patient. In many cases, you can associate more than one procedure in the same surgery.

Preoperative and postoperative

Pre-and post-operative pipes are the same used in other types of plastic surgery, plus some tests for detection of nutritional deficiency caused by obesity surgery. Dosage is required of other elements, and, sometimes, the replacement of some types of vitamins. Generally, this add-on is made by the obesity surgeon, who already forwards the patient ready for plastic surgery, clinically.