The patient influences results

Doctor and patient must pay attention to the preoperative and postoperative care

Plastic surgery comes evolving from way on time in recent years, thanks to technology in equipment and surgical instruments, the improvement of various techniques and the combined use of them by professionals in the field.

Another factor that weighs to the good result of the surgery is the increasing attention given to pre and postoperative phases and the involvement of the patient in the process, giving it a share of responsibility for the results of the surgery, since it is up to him to take the care recommended by the doctor.


All stages of the procedure are equally important. To understand the weight that each one has, just imagine the plastic surgery being divided into three stages: before, during and after the surgery.

In the pre-operative phase, the patient is preparing for surgery, undergoing several medical tests that will tell if he is able to be operated. The maids are intended to safeguard the security surrounding the procedure.

The clinical examination by a doctor, and the other, complementary, must be part of a routine. The diagnosis on the part of the surgeon and the indication on how to adopt to solve the problem presented by the patient are vital to the good result of the surgery.

During the surgery, properly, several preventive ducts need to be adopted. In addition, the plastic surgery requires the participation of several professionals working as a team, in addition to the plastic surgeon.

The safety and risk prevention that surgery can bring extend the postoperative period of healing, being fundamental to the role played by the patient at that stage.


It is essential that the patient undergo pre-operative procedures, including medical consultation, and the clinical examination. The examinations can vary from one patient to other. However, in General, they summarize in cardiac assessment, blood count, coagulation, blood glucose, urea, creatinine and urine.

In the case of breast surgery, the mammogram and/or ultrasound is essential, because the breast needs to be examined prior to the surgery. As a precaution, patients should do smokers chest x-ray.


The result of the surgery will depend also on the technical skill and experience of the doctor to act so that the human forms are worked as a sculpture, seeking the greatest possible harmony between them. The conjunction of these factors contributes to refine surgical procedures and make the plastics less and less invasive.