Silicone prosthesis

Technology is responsible for safer implants

The surgeries to increase the breast appearing next to liposculpture as being the most sought after by women, accounting for 50% of the procedures performed today.

To follow this trend, the industries are developing silicone prostheses with cutting-edge technology, which combine safety and are visually beautiful, because they have a natural appearance. Thanks to this technology, the current prosthetics do not provide risk of leakage.

The silicone is also used in other parts of the body such as buttocks, legs (thigh and calf) and facial implants to increase the Chin and the malar, the cheekbones. In men, the silicone can be placed in the mammary region, to simulate a pectoral muscles developed.

Are available in the market the silicone gel implants with high cohesiveness and the salt pans. There are flat surfaces, textured prosthesis and polyurethane, the choice will depend on the need presented by each patient.

The post-op surgery silicone prosthesis placement is one of the simplest and recovery is rapid. From one week, the patient can return to their usual activities, including driving his own car.