Breast reconstruction returns esteem women

Less invasive surgery is a trend

The impact of the confirmation of the positive diagnosis of breast cancer brings many women lies in the fact that if you imagine and be mutilated without the organs which best express the female nature. In a stress situation like this, the plastic surgery is an important component in the context, the possibility of returning women breasts and seeing rehabilitated his self-esteem.

Medical conduct lines employed in cases of breast cancer will depend on a combination of factors involving the size of the tumor and its specificities. These variables, specific to the cancer, treatments to be conducted in multidisciplinary manner, with the participation of professionals from different areas, but interlinked, adding value to the techniques of treatment of the disease.

For each case, a specific conduct

Based on resources provided by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the multidisciplinary teams will scoring better conduct to be used in each case. In the case of breast cancer, a plastic surgeon and mastologista gives quality to the process, in view of the developments that the treatment may take, including the removal of the breast, that is, the mastectomy.

Time of diagnosis makes all the difference

The sooner the diagnosis, better tends to be the prognosis of the disease and the aesthetic result due to plastic surgery, most likely to employ less invasive techniques. There are cases where it is possible to make smaller interventions, removing only a portion of the breast, often preserving the areola, nipple and breast skin, with reconstructions and the results resemble a breast aesthetic plastic.

If the diagnosis has occurred in a not-so-early stage, indicating the need to remove a larger segment of the breast, the applicant is the subcutaneous mastectomy, in which the withdrawal of the entire mammary gland and, in many cases, preserve the areola, the nipple and skin.
Finally, when there is need to remove all the breast tissue, including areola, nipple and part of the skin, the breast reconstruction surgery can be performed immediately after breast removal surgery or later, when completed the treatment of chemotherapy and/or radiation. When it comes to rebuild the two breasts, plastic surgery can be performed in a single surgery.

Plastic surgery helps to overcome trauma of the disease

Silicone mammary prostheses are much used in reconstruction cases, and can be deployed with or without the use of skin and muscles of the chest, back or abdomen. When the reconstruction is done using material of the abdomen, the patient ends up at the end, getting plastic surgery of abdomen. These techniques may be employed in isolation or combined, depending on the type of patient.

The refinement of surgical techniques are making the procedures are less invasive and safer. In the cases of breast cancer, which required a mastectomy, results that breast reconstruction offers make the mutilation trauma gives rise to a feeling of satisfaction and reward, since under the aesthetic, plastic surgery breast patient providing beautiful and symmetrical, in addition to promoting a substantial improvement in physical appearance , giving it a new silhouette.