Cebrom – Brazilian Center for radiation therapy, oncology and Mastology

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The Cebrom is a specialized clinic in Oncology, with various medical services, including plastic surgery, and has a complete structure to meet the patient, with resources for the provision of services of high level of quality. This complex houses offices, dressing rooms and home, coffee shop, closed circuit TV, ample reception, among other dependencies, so that customers have all necessary assistance.

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CEBROM – Brazilian Center for radiation therapy, oncology and Mastology
Fifth Avenue, no. 180, University Sector
74605-030 Goiania-GO / Brazil
(* 55-62) 3265-0447


The surgeries are done at the Hospital Master, a complex geared exclusively for plastic surgery procedures; offers 14 operating rooms and 34 apartments; has stereo and cutting-edge equipment in the area, as well as complementary services to surgical procedures.

Hospital Master

1,123 Street, paragraph 232, Marist Sector
74175-070 Goiânia-GO / Brazil
Headphones: (* 55-62) 3281-0202 and 3281-4410